POLL: CWB Releases Steamy Ad to Get You Off the Fence

In my time with RealAgriculture.com I have seen some great ads, okay ads and some real ineffective ones.  Traditional agriculture advertising is very conservative and tends to follow the, “we don’t want to offend anyone” mantra.

Well the CWB has stepped out and tried to grab your attention.  What do you think.  Does this fine young cowgirl make you want to book some grain in the CWB’s Futures Choice Winter Pool?  Are you on the fence about this ad?  Vote in our poll below.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the ad? Are you offended by the ad?  Vote in our poll below to let us know how you feel.

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19 thoughts on “POLL: CWB Releases Steamy Ad to Get You Off the Fence

  1. Can you say stereotype – who do they think is farming – 25% of farm operators on the latest census are women and many more work in family partnerships and corporations – Can you say old boys school – a certain legacy from the Conservative Government!!! I am extremely offended and suspicious of an ad campaign that will in all likelyhood backfire but perhaps that’s the ultimate goal.

      1. Oh Andy, what makes you think females enjoy watching those ads either. “Have a happy period!” Really? This ad was created for one purpose only – to grab attention; and obviously it worked. There are tons of ridiculous ads out floating around in the media and this is just another one of them. I highly doubt that the image of a short skirted, cleavage showing ‘cowgirl’ is going to make any intelligent farmer jump off the fence onto one side or the other. What it all boils down to is this – you either want to use the CWB’s services or you don’t. It’s just unfortunate that they picked an image that had absolutely no bearing on the services they are trying to sell. Unless, of course, they’re moving into a service area they haven’t made public yet. *tongue in cheek*

  2. Some of the tweets about the ad.

    Shane Thomas [email protected]:
    @DMarie_Martin @realag_lyndsey @realagriculture I am a bigger fan of the CWB now than I was a minute ago haha #sexsells

    Danielle Martin [email protected]_Martin:
    @realag_lyndsey @realagriculture I don’t mind the ad, as long as the next one features a sexy farmboy… #EveryonesHappy

    Debra [email protected]:
    @realagriculture Oh they’ve got my attention alright.

    John Guelly [email protected]:
    @realagriculture What happened to the CWB steam roller ad?#ithadsomuchmoreimpact

    Jay Schultz [email protected]:
    @realagriculture very uncharacteristic of the CWB. CWB supporters would tend to be older conservative gentlemen, not a good fit.

    Ashley Glover @AGloverAgronomy
    @realag_lyndsey it stimulated discussion with the CWB as the topic, good or bad I suppose. Personally I don’t think its classy for Ag

  3. If it was’nt for all the commotion on Twitter today, I would have never even noticed this add. Its a girl sitting on a fence in a skirt. How is this different than chemical companies using overly toned men in white t shirts to show how tough a chemical is. Seems to me like a lazy day in January where everyone has nothing better to do than make a big deal about nothing.

  4. One thing is for sure. This isn’t your old Wheat Bored. With a communication staff of 35 people paid with your money, where everything was cross referenced, sample tested and sex neutered. Maybe we will see a little more spontenaity and originality and to those offended grow up and go outdoors.

  5. I’m trying to say this as kindly as I can. I can’t believe that the CWB have resorted to porn for the sake of doing business My lord what has this world come to? You are engaging in human slavery and sexual pleasure for the sake of commerce. Your actions are an affront to God, who expects us to value our daughters as our-self and not steal their divine gift of purity.

    If women are viewed only externally, devoid of internal character and spirituality, they are stripped of their distinctive gifts and strengths. A danger exists that
    they will be degraded. We see that in cultures, which admire women mostly for
    their physical characteristics, ultimately they degrade them and take advantage
    of them.

    Please rethink what you’re doing to the image of females. Think of the irreversible consequences, society is going to hell! Please don’t help it get there.
    Thanks in advance.
    A concerned Grandmother.

    1. I would say that this picture is far from anything that could be defined as porn or promoting human slavery. Its a cute girl from the 1950’s sitting on a fence. I think we need to try try and stay reasonable here.

      Interestingly I had a marketing professional tell me this morning that ad should of been bolder. That It didn’t go far enough to grab the viewers attention.

      1. i’m pretty sure a ‘cute little girl from the 1950’ would have had a skirt that covered her knees rather than one which leaves little to the imagination. i agree, it’s kind of catchy but i also found it slightly offensive because it clearly men as CWB’s primary target. i agree it smacks of sexism

  6. Porn, tampons, conspiracy theories and human slavery. Who would have ever thought those words would be connected to a CWB topic. I think the ad agency that put this out has obtained the goal they had set. No one is implying that the girl is going to change your mind as to what you are going to do in your marketing, it is simply to grab your attention.

  7. I’m a female working in agriculture and the ad did not offend me at all. It is definitely NOT porn, nor does it have anything to do with slavery. The ad execs did their job by catching your eye with it, and I actually felt it was rather modest compared to most of the ads I see today in magazines and on TV for a variety of goods.

    I saw an ad for two herbicides in Chile where it featured two shirtless men dressed as a cowboy and a gladiator with some sweet six-packs… and heaven knows that has nothing to do with the reality of spraying herbicides in the field, but it sure caught my attention… 😉 And you can bet no one will be up in arms about that billboard!

  8. I am a female and a farm and I do not find this ad offensive at all! For those thinking this is porn really have you watched any tv lately there is more porn on half those shows than on this ad. It reminds me of ads I have seen from years ago and I think it’s great, it got people talking and those that think it’s porn well you should never read a paper or turn the tv on, REALLY! But I have never seen a real farm girl look like that either we usually have on coveralls or dirty jeans.

  9. The ad just reflects the wheat board longing for the good old days, when farm men were farm men, and farm men couldn’t market water to a thirsty man to save their lives.

  10. That type of ad may be okay for a product or service that promotes self gratification/for pleasure products but it does not instill an image that would make you want to take the CWB seriously. They have just made a joke of themselves.

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