Retro-Fitting Equipment – Teaching An “Old Dog” New Tricks

You don’t mess around with a good thing. Every farm has a tried and true, trusted piece of equipment that you just can’t part with. You know it’s quirks, it’s comfortable…it just works well. The problem now is that technological advancements are available to help you do the job better, but the equipment is out-dated.

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That’s the issue a lot of producers are facing who want to start adopting variable rate technology on their farms, but their seeders just aren’t up to the task. Ag Leader Technology is looking to offer producers some options in that area. We spoke to Stuart Lawrence of Ag Leader Technology about retro-fitting options for older equipment.

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Jim Hale

Sounds like a better alternative than the other system out there. It would be nice if 4 tank metering was offered. Maybe down the road a year or two. Nice to see liquid controled at the same time. Looked on the AgLeader Web page for more info, but not much there.


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