Winter Woes: How I'm Feeling This Morning

It’s day 1,665 of winter (or so it feels), and we Prairie folk are finally emerging out from a solid week of high wind chills, blowing snow, awful driving conditions and more blowing snow. The lucky few booked their warm vacations for this week, but most of us are doing what we always do in this weather. Farmers are hauling grain, dressed so snug you can’t see a centimeter of skin, and livestock are bedded deep against the wind. One sheep farmer in southern Manitoba I spoke with yesterday has had over 1,000 lambs born during this cold snap — he says the tiny babies emerge from the straw just to nurse, then huddle back in.

As I skimmed Twitter this morning, as a means of avoiding going out to shovel the walk yet again, I came across an image that seemed so perfect for how I’m feeling about all this weather, I thought I’d share it. Robert Johnson (@RJohnson7707), from Fairlight, Sask., posted this tweet: “Why do  I like bison? They are made for this weather. #westcdnag.”

Made for it, indeed. Still grumpy because of it? I’d say so. Stay warm — and here’s to February flying by.

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