Yield Boosting Products Deserve a Healthy Critique

If every product added the “2 or 3 bushels per acre” promised, every farmer would easily have 400 bushel corn or 100 bushel canola. While there’s no doubt that crop protection and fertility products add value, not all products are created equal, and the benefits are most certainly not cumulative. Even the most basic of products — N, P, K and S — have a yield response curve that flattens out at high rates. The tough homework farmers must do is digging out scientifically-sound, unbiased, third-party research on each product they consider.

In this video, filmed at the recent FarmSmart conference at Guelph, Ont., Joe Lauer, professor of agronomy with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, offers his thoughts on questions to ask of companies selling crop enhancement or protection products, as well as his advice on sound first steps in trialing a new product.

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