The Canadian Grain Commission recently released a summary of the feedback it received regarding impending changes to its user fee system. Industry stakeholders, including farmers, were asked to submit their questions, critiques and suggestions for changes to the not only the user fees, but also changes to the Canada Grains Act.

Generally, there seems to be support for modernizing of both the Grains Act and the Grain Commission’s services. There was push back on the magnitude of the fee increases, however, and it was noted that ultimately increased costs will be passed on to farmers, even if grain buyers are the ones that pay the majority of fees.

See Brenda Tjaden Lepp’s comments on changes to the Canada Grains Act here.

There were a few specific recommendations listed as well:

  • Several stakeholders recommended making outward inspection optional and updating the Canadian Grain Commission’s governance structure.
  • Several stakeholders requested further information regarding the proposed insurance-based insurance security program. However, some of these stakeholders provided conditional support of the insurance-based security program if it is more cost efficient and provides effective coverage to producers.
  • A few stakeholders recommended that the Canadian Grain Commission play an increasing role to help maintain a transparent, well-functioning sector by collecting and making available additional grain sector related data and information.
  • It was suggested that a training program for industry grain inspectors be created.

For the full Canadian Grain Commission summary of feedback and more details from the consultation period, click here.

One thought on “You Said It: Summary of Comments on Proposed Changes to CGC

  1. I would like to see Grading of our grains done more by mechanical means than visual.
    For example Protein falling numbers weight and so on. Grading by color is a excuse for the grain buyer at the elevator to discount your wheat due to color. I haven’ t seen any tests to say that color is more important than protein or falling numbers when it comes to making bread. Same goes for bran frost or a shriveled bran you can have high numbers for protein and falling numbers but because the bran is shriveled you will get a #3 for it If you seen what they make flour out of no one else cares about the shriveling or the color. Lets put a stop to the grain robbers and get a mechanic system in place.

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