Mayo Schmidt Appointed to Agrium’s Board of Directors

Mayo Schmidt

Amidst pressure from investors to split its business, Agrium has appointed two big names to its board of directors โ€” David Everitt and Mayo Schmidt. While Everitt, recently retired from Deere & Co., may not be a household name in Western Canada, Mayo Schmidt most certainly is. Schmidt was most recently president and CEO of Viterra, and sat at the helm to navigate that company through Glencore’s recent acquistion. In that deal, much of Viterra’s ag-retail locations will be taken over by Agrium.

More from Agrium’s press release, including backgrounds on each of these gentlemen, can be found here.


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Lyndsey Smith

From Twitter: Terry James @lavoyfarmer: So can we expect Agrium to be sold next, cause after all, it’s way easier to get rich selling a company than building it


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