No More Food Fights — Straight Talk about Food with Michele Payn-Knoper

Michele Payn-Knoper, agvocate, farmer and author, recently launched a book aimed at connecting consumers and farmers, in hopes of bringing some civility to the farming and food conversations happening today. The book is called “No More Food Fights,” and is written in two halves, with a bridging chapter to connect the two.

One half of the book is geared towards consumers of food —chefs, foodies, dietitians and more. The flip side of the book is written for farmers and agriculture industry members. Payn-Knoper sat down with editor Lyndsey Smith to talk about the book, the motivation for writing it and some action items featured in the book. Featurin input from several Canadian authors, as well as American, “No More Food Fights” is a must-read for today’s agricultural enthusiast.

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