Ontario Cattlemen’s Assoc. to Become Beef Farmers of Ontario

The Ontario Cattlemen’s Association‘s annual general meeting is going on right now at Toronto, Ont., and yesterday the motion to re-name and re-brand the association was carried. As of next year, OCA will be known as the Beef Farmers of Ontario.

This name change is many years in the making, but a similar motion was defeated in the past. The new name is viewed as more consumer-friendly (and easily searchable) and gender neutral.

Follow OCA on Twitter at @OntarioBeef.

More details to come.


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Janice Person

So glad to see this happening and think there are lots of other organizations that need to follow suit. I found it hard to understand that there were cattlemen’s & cattlewomen’s organizations…. not being in the livestock industry I had always seen the folks in them were farmers & ranchers. It was especially difficult to understand in the cases where women are the primary or a shared part of the farm.


So are they giving up the pretense that they represent dairy farmers and stop demanding the checkoff for cull dairy cattle? Yeah, didn’t think so.


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