It’s quite rare for farmers to be front and centre in mainstream media. Still more rare is to see a speech made in the late 70s start trending on Twitter during the Super Bowl, but that’s exactly what happened.

While the game wound down and the 49’ers very nearly made a comeback, you’d think Twitter would have been full of Tweets about plays and time-outs and bad calls. Instead, #SoGodMadeAFarmer was trending โ€” all because of a Ram Truck ad featuring Paul Harvey’s speech delivered to the Future Farmers of America in 1978 that extols the virtues and lists the hardships of farmers. The video is one aspect of Ram’s “Year of the Farmer” involvement. See more here.

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday: “So God Made a Farmer” Steals the Show

  1. Man I miss Paul Harvey. He was a voice of common sense in a world of stupidity. I still won’t buy a Dodge but kudos to them for this commercial. It’s nice for once to not be lambasted in the public. For Dodge to use such a large platform is awesome.

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