The Case IH Early Riser Planter Designed for Quick Emergence

Demands and expectations are very high on seeders and planters. Seed must be delivered quickly and gently, then metered accurately and placed precisely in the furrow, regardless of conditions. The planter then has to close up the furrow, pack it down and carry on, all the while adjusting for terrain and trash at over five or 6 miles per hour. It’s a tall order so it’s no wonder there are so many designs and technologies available to accomplish this tough task.

With the Case IH Early Riser planter, specific attention has been paid to designing a row unit that leaves a furrow as ideal for germination as possible. The goal of this planter, as the name implies, is to achieve the fastest germination and emergence of the corn crop.

Rob Zemenchik, with Case IH, was on hand at the National Farm Machinery Show to give RealAgriculutre an up-close look at all the components that, collectively, cut through trash, gentle and accurately place the seed and then, in two steps, closes and packs the furrow. Zemenchik says that this particular planter is built specifically to conserve moisture in the seed row, while maintaining consistent depth and just the right amount of soil to seed contact. The claim is that corn planted with this machine will emerge two to three days sooner than corn planted with any other machine.

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