Attendees of the Canola Council of Canada’s convention held last week in Vancouver, B.C., were treated to a short video that highlighted all the hard work that council agronomists do in a year. From field days and field calls, to feeding information and images to the Canola Watch, to events like CanoLAB, council agronomist are a key part of the Canola Council’s success is building to its goal of 15 million tonnes of sustainable production by 2015. is proud to have put this video together for the Canola Council, and we wanted to share it here, as an example of the extensive agronomic work the council does.

If you cannot see the below embedded video, CLICK HERE

One thought on “Canola Council Celebrates its Agronomist at Convention

  1. WE love working with the Canola Council they are so proactive in bringing knowledge to the farmers, and family’s that want to Be Well ๐Ÿ™‚ recipes health and nutrition you can’t go wrong checking out Manitoba Canola Growers Council!

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