One Earth Farms Will No Longer Farm on the Blood Reserve Near Lethbridge

In a story that has been developing for months, One Earth Farms has been told that it will not be able to farm on the Blood Reserve in 2013 or into the future.

A One Earth Farms employee confirmed to last week that the Lethbridge Farm Manager has been released and the Lethbridge office has been closed.

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This definitely has been a fall from grace for One Earth Farms in terms of its objective of farming one million acres.  At one time One Earth Farms promised many things for the natives on the Blood Reserve but the relationship was very short lived.  One Earth only farmed on the Blood Reserve for 3 years.  At the peak, One Earth Farms farmed 25,000 acres on the Blood Reserve.  The company was not bashful or quiet regarding its plan to one day farm the entire Blood Reserve which roughly totals 150,000 acres of irrigation and dryland.

So why was One Earth Farms asked to leave the Blood Reserve?  There has been no official statement from the Blood Tribe or One Earth Farms regarding the severance of the relationship, while only speculation and rumor persist.  In fact the Blood Tribe is still listed as a partner on the company website.

The Blood Reserve has many local farmers interested in farming the tribe land and will look to replace One Earth Farms with other renters.

We will update you as this story develops.

One Earth was contacted again today and has said they have no official statement on the matter.



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