POLL: Tim Hortons or Starbucks? - Which Do You Prefer

As I passed through security at the Winnipeg airport last night I ran into this sign.  First of all any sign that directs you to where the coffee is, packs a lot of importance for any road warrior.  Whether you enjoy a daily visit to the coffee shop with friends or you just need that morning caffeine pick me up, Starbucks and Tim Hortons are really apart of our communities.

The important question that we wanted to ask the RealAgriculture community is which way do you go when facing this sign?  Right or left?

Both Tim Hortons and Starbucks have qualities that are unique to each other.  Personally here is how I differentiate the two.

Tim Hortons: Very Canadiana, lacks coffee shop atmosphere, doughnuts are fantastic, sandwiches are like cardboard, double lane drive throughs are great, Roll up the Rim is a great annual contest that I never seem to win more than a doughnut.

Starbucks: Very urban, has a great coffee shop feel and atmosphere,  stages as my office often, better coffee, many complain coffee is too strong,  great pastries or scones, $4.00 latte’s add up if you pick one up every day.

What are your thoughts? Which coffee shop do you prefer?  Vote in our poll below and don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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25 thoughts on “POLL: Tim Hortons or Starbucks? – Which Do You Prefer

    Patty Townsend: Pretty good take on your part Shaun. I really, really like good coffee, and while I prefer the freshly ground coffee from a local roaster – Equator Coffee – I would choose Starbucks over Timmy’s any time. I have an agreement with people that we call it Timmy’s not coffee.


    Kimiko Epp:
    If we’re talking coffee or any other beverages, Starbucks is the clear winner for quality and deliciousness. Atmosphere is also light-years ahead of Tim’s. So I choose Starbucks. That being said, Tim’s is way better if you’re looking to save a buck, or you’re in a hurry, or want any actual food because Starbucks has the worst breakfast sandwiches #foodpoisoning.

  3. Starbucks coffee was like motor oil, until they introduced the “Blonde” category. Before that their coffee was strong and bitter. They had no locations in E Canada
    Unless you were Ina big city, now that has changed. So I drank it mostly in the US be cuz Tim’s wasn’t available. And yes, Starbucks was a staple in BC before Tim’s got there. I spoke at a conference in PEI recently where one branding expert said Tim’s has made it’s coffee stronger over the years to compete with Starbucks
    . I found that hard to believe. Can anybody confirm that? Both R expensive, but Tim’s is so much more available in Ontario farm country.

  4. Can’t warm up to a coffee shop that makes me ask for a Tall, Grande or Venti, when really all I want is a small, medium or large. Still Starbucks has some good stuff but a distant second to Timmie’s.

    Alison: My comment is more related to the corporations … Starbucks has become increasingly “social-political” and supporting or not supporting them is becoming based upon your agreement or disagreement with their policies. For example, support traditional marriage? Then don’t go to Starbucks. Timmies stays out of it and feeds us coffee and yummies.

  6. Oi yoi yoi, starbux coffie is mucho mucho grande. Seinor tim made da prices good and low. He is a good muchacho.

    1. i feel my heart being moved as i type this. my heart is over flowing with passoin. seinor mexican french fish you changed my life now i have an abundance of love for tim hortons

  7. I went to da starbax coofee and i ask fo a brownee, but day say nope. I go to Toms and get a free doonut for bein myself.

  8. Uno time at misior bux cooofe, a little muchacho cray cray on coffe kikd mee in da leg. at Teds a little seinor gave me a hug and uno coooofi

  9. Bonjoor i onccce mmet otm hooten and he thorw me a apple and tell me to get healthy. seinor bux threw me a cake and say GET FFAT AND DEE

  10. I’m from Alberta but live in Louisiana. Tim Hortons is WAAYYYYYY better than Starbucks. By leaps and bounds. Starbucks is nasty.

  11. My answer was Tim Horton’s for it’s price and delicious coffee, but…

    – McDonald’s coffee is good and affordable. But there isn’t one on my way to work hence why I prefer Tim Horton’s for it’s convenience.
    – Starbucks coffee is never a let down because it is speciality. It is so expensive though it most definitely becomes a ‘treat’ rather than a daily purchase.

    Overall, Tim Horton’s has my heart!

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