Pulse School: 3 Ways to Maximize Inoculant Performance

Sliding pulses into rotation is a great way to bump up your crop rotation benefits, adds marketing and cash flow options and also adds nitrogen credits for subsequent crops. All that being said, the delivery of that added N is only possible if pulse seed is properly inoculated ahead of going in the ground or at seeding. In this Pulse School episode, Danielle Fletcher, field agronomist with Becker Underwood runs through the importance of choosing the right strain of inoculant, how to deliver the high number of bacteria needed, and how to choose the best-fit formulation

The from of inoculant you choose โ€” liquid, peat or granular โ€” is going to be farm specific, Fletcher says, as seeder set up, field conditions and even crop rotation history can impact which type you choose. Fletcher also runs through the three things to keep in mind once you’ve chosen the formulation type โ€” soil conditions, the addition and compatibility of polymers or seed treatments, and adds three tips on best application methods.

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