How high can wheat yields go? Is 150 bushels an acre achievable, and, if so, how do we get there? That’s the question we asked several farmers at this year’s FarmTech conference. The answers are evenly split between yes, no and yes, but only if fill-in-the-blank happens. It would seem it’s that fill-in-the-blank part that is most interesting. Most will agree that getting to this yield mark will take a combination of improved genetics, solid agronomy, doing a better job at seeding and a tip of the hat by Mother Nature.

This question was prompted by a presentation put on by Peter Johnson, cereal specialist with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. See his Top 10 Commandments for high yield wheat here.


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One thought on “Talking to Farmers: Is 150 bu/ac Wheat Possible in Western Canada?

  1. They grow 150 bus plus wheat in areas like the UK and New Zeland , they also plant in Oct and harvest in August. We simply don’t have the flowering window in westerner Canada . The only way to achieve 150 bus wheat is to get ride of winter and when winter wheat will be actively growing on Feb 1st then yes 150bus. Till then nothing can increase yield to than level

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