We use our phones for so much more than talking and texting — from tracking markets and weather, to finding and sharing information, to just killing time with some entertainment. There are a seemingly infinite number of apps out there, and more are developed each week. How do you decide which are worth it?

This year at Farm Tech ’13, RealAgriculture.com asked farmers for their top tips on the apps they use on their phone. As expected, there were a wide range of suggested apps, all covering very different tasks. What do you think? Share your favorite apps in the comments below!

(As an aside, how many of these farmers can you name? What about their Twitter handles? It’s like hide and seek in a video!)

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


3 thoughts on “Talking to Farmers: What’s your Favorite App?

  1. Interesting that most of the favourite apps weren’t related to agriculture like TSN and Shazaam. Twitter also got a lot of play. So maybe the smartphone isn’t necessarily a work tool, but more of a toy. Maybe they are becoming so ubiquitous in our society, apps are secondary to web access. Needless to say, I’m sure there are favourite apps out there that some farmers can’t live without, like weather apps, etc. However, is it about apps or is it about web access wherever you go? I dunno, I would tend to think its about good web access. In my own case, I always resisted the smartphone because of the cost and the very small screen size. I wanted something bigger. So now I have the mini iPad with mobile access, which I really like. Its a tiny fraction of the cost of a smartphone and for me at least, it suits my preferences for a bigger screen size. My twitter app is valuable, but other than that, its all about web access. The nice thing is I can take it or leave it, shut it off and access it when I want to. I kept my old beat up cell phone which rarely rings or receives texts. Yes, Mobile ag is here to stay, and I’m sure we’ll hear about many more apps in our future. Hopefully, they’ll make us smarter, and Shazam and Fruit Ninja won’t take over.

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