Using the Monosem Vacuum Planter for Canola

Planters can offer significant advantages over seeders — precise depth placement, seed singulation and gentle handling of seed, to name a few — but the machines are also best suited for large-seeded, tall-growth crops like corn and sunflowers, not canola. Recent interest in planters for canola has encouraged at least one company, Monosem, to begin tailoring its machines to better handle the crop. A well-known name in vegetable production, the Monosem vacuum planter is unlike anything Western Canadian canola growers have every seeded with.

At this year’s CanoLAB, held at Brandon, Man.,’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, got the run down on this precision planter, including an inside look at the workings of the Monosem vacuum planter. In this video, Todd Botterill of Botterill Sales shows us what makes the Monosem different, how the components match up to offer seed singulation of canola and what farmers need to think about if considering a planter for canola.

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