What Does Precision Dairy Farming Really Look Like?

If you envision GPS-guided cows when you hear “precision dairy,” you might be a grain farmer. If, instead, you envision a way to measure and monitor several aspects of dairy production no matter what time it is or where you are, you’re much closer to reality.From heat detection, to mastitis management, and even lameness monitoring, if you can measure or detect it, you can monitor it with a precision system.

At the recent Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, RealAgriculture.com caught up with Jeffrey Bewley, from the University of Kentucky, and had him explain exactly what is meant by precision dairy farming, what it costs and how to best invest in the technology. Bewley adds that while technology can do many things, it most certainly cannot replace good “cow sense” — the human element in the form of a dedicated herd manager is absolutley necessary to make the technology worthwhile.

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