Wheat School: The Corn/Soy Yield Bump from Wheat in Rotation

There are some topics, like fungicide responses or herbicide efficacy comparisons, that really only need a few years of work before you can begin to draw conclusions. Other agronomic considerations, like crop rotations and tillage practices, require years and years of data to fully capture the value of a particular tactic.

Ontario has two long-term rotation studies, one at Ridgetown and one at Elora, focused on exactly these types of big-picture questions. In particular, both studies have looked at how a wheat-corn-soy rotation compares to continues corn or a corn-soy rotation in terms of corn and soybean yields. In this episode of the Wheat School, Dr. Dave Hooker, field agronomist and professor with the University of Guelph-Ridgetown Campus, walks us through some important findings from the long-term rotation studies. Both rotation effect and tillage systems are discussed in this episode.

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