Ask FarmLink: How do Analysts Come up with Opinions on Market Direction?

Whether you do your own digging, subscribe to several news outlets or employ an analyst, making decisions about price direction requires a significant investment of time and effort. For many farmers, marketing and following the markets is an enjoyable part of their job. For others, it’s not how they’d like to spend their time or they recognize the added value of hiring a team dedicated to the task. Whatever your approach, there’s always something to gain by learning how others work towards opinions on crop value direction.

In this episode of Ask FarmLink, Brenda Tjaden Lepp, co-founder of FarmLink Marketing Solutions, answers how her company develops an opinion on price direction, the three sources of that information and why an opinion on price direction matters so much. From numbers and facts and figures, to coffee shop talk and social media chatter, Tjaden Lepp explains the FarmLink approach to filtering out the noise and arriving at a price range and direction that they share with their clients.

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