Corn School: Soil Conditions Matter — Don’t Jump the Gun on Planting

Remember this feeling, it happens every year. It’s that edgy, ready-to-go feeling that shows up every year around early April. The later it gets, the more the feeling gets amplified. Then you read stories (sorry) about the guy down the road that hit the perfect window in early April and absolutely nailed it at harvest. At this point, you’re just about ready to plant between raindrops.


Take a breath, slow down and start by walking into your field and taking a good look at the soil you’re planting into. Your corn only gets one chance to develop its critical root system. Giving your soil a little time to dry out can pay off with a better foundation for your crop. Depending on the condition of that soil, what you gain in early planting you may lose in yield. In this episode of the Corn School, Aaron Stevanus of PRIDE Seeds and Don McLean of Growmark Ontario talk about the dangers involved in planting too wet.

Remember that optimal planting time is still optimal into mid-May. Yield potential doesn’t begin to drop off until after about May 15th or so. We’re not at rush season just yet.

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