Corn School: Starter Fertilizer Rates & Placement

Getting your corn crop off to a good start sets the tone for yield potential down the line. In our last episode, we talked about getting your seed down in the right conditions. This episode we’ll look at providing your crop with the right elements to get it firmly established in the field.

When you’re talking about corn, you’re almost always talking about temperature in the same sentence. Heat is one of those key elements that kicks everything into high gear once your plants are out of the ground. The problem comes when that heat isn’t as present as we’d like it to be. It’s in those cool, early season conditions that starter fertilizer really pays off.


In part two of our two-part “getting started” series with Aaron Stevanus, with PRIDE Seeds, and Don McLean, with Growmark Ontario, we take a look at starter fertilizer: what you need, application set up and why it’s a good idea right now.

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