April 15 stalled out seeding. Courtesy @KevinSerfas via Twitter

I’m sitting looking at a giant white wall of snow and wind blow around my window. While I’ve seen far worse snow days, it’s one of the colder, wetter, whiter April 15ths I’ve seen. Twitter was a-buzz this morning with predictions of when seeding will start for most of Western Canada. That date pushes farther each Monday morning. Ontario, it seems, isn’t immune to the nasty weather either, as several rural areas are going on 72 hours without power. All hail the generator, indeed.

The talk this morning turned to how late is too late to seed. Certainly, longer season crops may lose acres early, and even a mid-May average seeding date isn’t a disaster, but if this cold, wet weather hangs around we could be looking at seeding dragging out well into May and June. Which brings us to today’s question: Crop insurance deadlines notwithstanding, what’s the latest you’ve seeded and still managed a decent crop? What risk management did you employ?

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