Poll: Have You Changed Your Seeding Plan?

It’s the last day of April, and precious few farmers have turned a wheel in Western Canada. It’s currently cool and wet in Manitoba with snow in the western part of the province. Parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan had snow just yesterday (and still more have woken up to a winter wonderland). While some in Alberta have managed to seed a few fields, even the optimists are shaking their heads and hoping for a little warmth.

This week’s forecast is not helping either, as a mid-week cold snap slows melting and the drying and warming of the soil. If farmers can get on fields by the weekend or next week (which is possible in some areas), seeding plans may not be significantly changed, but what about those in Saskatchewan still under snow? Or those in Manitoba waiting for flood waters to recede? What if this cool pattern doesn’t change?

We want to know — Have you changed your seeding plan significantly from two weeks ago?

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