Statistics Canada released its first seeding intentions report for March 31, 2013 this morning. Corn, wheat and oats were given the biggest nod to acreage bumps, however, this survey was conducted to April 3 when farmers still expected spring to arrive before May.

Corn acres are estimated at 2.3 million for Ontario, an increase of 2% over last year. Spring wheat is estimated to see a 14.1% bump over last year, to 19.4 million acres. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the oats & barley estimate: oats are ear marked for 3.4 million acres, an increase in 18.4% over 2012, with barley taking a 2% hit.

Canola was pegged at 19.1 million acres, lower that what many in the industry predicted. The report still claims Manitoba will surpass the 1 million acres mark for soybeans, though acres of that crop would drop in Ontario and Quebec.

See the full report here.

What do you think? Where do you think canola, wheat, corn and soy will end up?


2 thoughts on “StatsCan Seeding Intentions to March 31: What a Difference Three Weeks Makes

  1. my two cents, from Sask an knowing how much snow is still to melt.

    Canola: acres up from SC, could be as much as last year
    Spring Wheat: maybe they are right here?
    Durum: I don’t see acres up that much, not enuff premium for
    fringe areas
    Barley & Oats: acres up on both due to late spring
    Canary: acres same as last year or up, but not like they have
    Peas: acres same or up from last year
    Lentils: acres up on late increase in pricing of old crop
    Just my gut feeling this morning from my tiny corner of the world

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