This Week in #Plant13 — Around the US Midwest in Pictures

The start of planting in 2013 has been very slow due to cool and, in some cases, wet inclement weather. Nothing tells a story like pictures, so here is a selection of some of the pictures from the past week in #plant13 (from Twitter) from across the United States.

 See this weeks Canadian pictures of #plant13

Enjoy this weeks pictures and good luck with 2013 planting.  

@knutsonfarms #plant13 in NE Nebraska.…

— Jack Godbersen (@JGodbersen) April 30, 2013


We are moving everything around the farm and shed today. #plant13…

— Grant Curtis (@FarmerGC79) April 30, 2013

#plant13 up and rolling at Casner Farms…

— Adam L. Casner (@Casnerfarms) April 30, 2013

Dad says it’s time to get corn n the ground. Good return on tile so far. #plant13 begins…

— Brent Johnson (@BrentJFF) April 30, 2013


Getting the new digger set this morning #plant13#mnag…

— Brian Payne (@PaynesPrairieMN) April 30, 2013

First pass #plant13 @kinze…

— Ed Malecki (@edmalecki) April 30, 2013

#plant13 coming up. Few more days of strip till then it’s on like Donkey Kong, Jack.…

— Kenton Laubhan (@klaubhan) April 29, 2013

#Lookingood [email protected]whiteoakag_matt: First Pioneer Corn Plot for @whiteoakag of the year!Thank you #HeatonFarms!#Plant13…

— Dorothy(@lovthefarm) April 30, 2013

Corn is rowable! #plant13 #farming #agriculture…

— JCW Farms (@JCWFarms) April 30, 2013

If you have some pictures that you would like us to share include @realagriculture or @realag_us in your tweet.  Good luck with #plant13.


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