Volunteer Canola Will Challenge Growers in Western Canadian in 2013

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Sometimes the challenges are right in front of you.  Since no company has invented the “no-shell wind resistant canola trait” yet, the massive amount of wind in the fall across the west has planted a major challenge of canola volunteers for this spring.

Volunteer canola, although easy to kill at times, does have some management challenges that create yield robbing losses for many growers.  One of the first that comes to mind is the second and the third flush of volunteer canola that if not managed can create a terrible mess.

As Sonia Matichuk, Technical Sales Agronomist, DuPont Canada states in our interview above, volunteer canola must be managed in 2013 or it will be a major regret once you harvest your crop and see your yield losses.   Don’t give up hope there are some simple effective strategies in pre-seed that can get you the control results you need no matter which product you use.


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