2013 is a big year for 4-H Canada, as it’s the year the organization marks 100 years of “learn to do by doing.” Started in Roland, Manitoba, so very long ago, 4-H’s particular style of teaching young farm kids about everything from animal husbandry to woodworking has evolved in recent years to include instruction for a number of skills not necessarily farm related, from photography to scrapbooking and more.

To mark 100 years of head, heart, hands and health, Shannon Benner, newly minted 4-H Canada CEO,  says the group plan a anniversary gala for alumni, current leaders and members and has a one-week youth ag summit lined up for August. In this SoundCloud interview, Benner highlights what people can expect at each event and how to get involved.


For more information about the 100th Anniversary Gala, click here.

For more about the Youth Ag Summit, click here.

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  1. Yeh, say Lyndsey,ever wake up and wonder why to farm or sell organic one has to fill out mounds of paper work, have your farm inspected etc. etc. but if not organic you can spray all the poison available on crops, sell for human consumption no questions ask. Oh well I suppose Its like, where part of your income comes from, no question ask.

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