Alberta Wheat Commission Hires Research Manager

The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) has hired Lauren Comin as research manager, according to a recent press release.

Comin has a PhD in bioresource and food engineering from the University of Alberta, and brings a wealth of research knowledge in advanced grain processing, strong project management skills and a keen interest in food science and end-use demand, according to AWC.

 As AWC’s Research Manager, Comin will be responsible for helping the board establish and implement their strategic direction for wheat research and then working with AWC’s research and extension partners implementing, monitoring and reporting on those projects that are designed to help Alberta’s wheat producers improve their bottom-line.

“I think this is an excellent time for farmers to support scientific research so that scientific research can support farmers,” says Comin, speaking on the importance of Agricultural research. “It is rewarding to know that I can help facilitate research that will strengthen wheat farming and farmers in Alberta.”

One of Comin’s first tasks will be to work with AWC to develop its innovation strategy.

The Alberta Wheat Commission is a producer-directed organization that represents the interests of and serves as the single voice for all of Alberta’s wheat producers. For more information visit:


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