Canola School: Group 2 Injury — Soil Residual & Drift Symptoms

Darling Mother Nature can really be tricky at times. It’s bad enough that nutrient deficiency symptoms can be subtle at best, but there are some symptoms that look like several different things. Group 2 drift injury of young plants, for example, can look very much like sulphur deficiency. Soil residual Group 2 injury may be confused with a whole host of environmental factors, as well. 

So how do you determine the root cause? And why does it matter? It matters because there’s something you can do about a sulphur deficiency, and knowing you’ve had drift or have a soil residual issue can be good information to help shape cropping decisions going forward. In this Canola School episode, Dr. Nasir Shaikh, weed specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, walks us through identification of Group 2 injury, the conditions that make soil residual a risk, and how to tease out a deficiency symptom from a herbicide injury.



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