Ontario Crop Update: Late Spring Frost Impact, First Haying & Accumulated CHU

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food has released its latest crop update, dated to May 29.

Last weekend’s frost has had an impact on several crops but the only real worry is in the most advanced wheat crops, some of which are pollinating right now. Wheat heads still in the boot or just emerging would not have been impacted by the frost. Preliminary reports of armyworm have been reported in some areas (near Ridgetown). Farmers are reminded that evening is a good time to scout.

As for corn, the report says that the majority of the corn was somewhere between emergence and 6th leaf stage during this cold period, and thus have minimal, if any, permanent damage. Plants that have not had any injury to the growing point will generate new green tissue within 3-5 days. To examine the growing point more carefully, it is located about 2 cm below the soil surface and should be white or pale green and firm. Damaged growing points may appear grey and water soaked. Examination of the growing point will be more successful when 2 or 3 days have passed since the frost. For more on herbicide timing after frost, click here.

First cut haylage is coming off in southern areas, the report says, though yields are quite variable due to the cool spring. Fertilizing hay fields with manure just after first cut is recommended, so get those honeywagons moving!

For the full crop report including rainfall and CHU totals to date vs. the 30 year average, click here.


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