Sask. Ag Minister Weighs in on the Canadian Wheat Alliance

The Canadian Wheat Alliance was announced on May 16 and will provide $97M worth of funding over five years for wheat research. The effort will combine expertise from each of: the National Research Council, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the province of Saskatchewan and the University of Saskatchewan.

“Wheat research has lagged a bit,” says Lyle Stewart, Minister of Agriculture in Saskatchewan, “…and we thought that this would be a stimulus to encourage a lot more research over the next five years.”

The research projects will focus on increasing yields in the presence of various environmental stress (including climate and disease pressure) and decreasing reliance on inputs such as fertilizer.

A good step for agriculture?  We sure think so, and so does Hon. Lyle Stewart.’s Debra Murphy caught up with the minister last week to ask him what’s behind the move to create the Canadian Wheat Alliance and what advancements he sees stemming from the project.

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Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy is a Field Editor based out of east central Alberta, where she never misses a moment to capture with her camera the real beauty of agriculture. Follow her on Twitter @RealAg_Debra


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