Tomorrow’s #AbBugChat — Early Season Pests

Damaged winter triticale from northeast corner of Lethbridge County. Shelley Barkley

Photo courtesy of Alberta Agriculture

Tune in to Twitter tomorrow at 10 a.m. (mountain) to participate in the second #AbBugChat. Hosted by Scott Meers, tomorrow’s #AbBugChat will cover reports of early cutworm damage, what to scout for with wireworms and a caution on pea leaf weevil and flea beetle.

Anyone with a Twitter account can participate in a chat. Simply search the hashtag (#) #abbugchat to follow the conversation. Please remember to answer each question using the question number and always include the hashtag (i.e. Q1. I have seen cutworms near 2 mi south of Lethbridge. Little damage. #abbugchat). For an overview of the first Bug Chat, click here.

For May 15, 2013:

1. We have seen cutworms in southern Alberta on winter wheat. Has anyone else seen cutworms? — Questions and comments.

2. Wireworm damage should be starting to show up.

3. It may still be too early but is anyone seeing flea beetle activity so far?

4. Pea Leaf Weevil should be starting to show up. Any activity so far on early seeded peas. Questions and
comments about PLW.

5. Are other insects showing up? What are people seeing for insect activity so far this spring in their crops?

Time to share your pictures and ask “What is this insect?”


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