USDA Report: Corn Crop is 71% Planted Due to Big Equipment, Long Hours and Great Weather

The USDA reported this week that estimated corn planting progress has jumped from 28 to 71% in one week.  Only two and half weeks ago, the market and farmers were slightly concerned about the snow falling in parts of the Northern Mid West.  Even places like Minnesota which temporarily felt like the calendar had gone back to January is already 70% completed.  North Carolina is leads all states at 96% while Wisconsin is last among the top 18 states at 43%.

See the USDA Corn Planting ProgressReport for May 20, 2013

With the size of planters these days, farmers do not need large stretches of great weather to get the corn crop in.

Good weather + big planters + farmer work ethic = 71% planting on may 20, up from 28% a week ago

At this time last year corn planting was 95% completed but at this pace of planting in the Unites States farmers will wrap up without any concerns for yield.   The average planting progress between 2008 and 2012 is only 79% .  US farmers are behind the average but not by much.  For the most part, if the good planting conditions can continue,  the big iron and the hard work of farmers will prevail in time to significantly reduce any yield loss concerns.  Three weeks ago farmers and the market thought this was a long shot under a blanket of snow.  Happy planting this week everyone.


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