Wheat School: Setting Up CPS for Success

For some farmers, including wheat in rotation comes with a second decision — what type of wheat to grow? There are good options from hard red spring, winter wheat, CPS and even soft wheat. Depending on your area and marketing opportunities, each can be a profitable alternative to hard red spring.

CPS wheat can be grown in many areas that also grow HRS, but growing CPS wheat in the same way could get you in to a bit of trouble. As Wes Anderson, manager of agronomy with Richardson Pioneer, explains in this Wheat School video, growing CPS requires a few seeding and agronomic tweaks in order to get the best results. Starting with the seeding rate (CPS seeds are typically quite large) and working through changed fertility requirements (watch for lodging!) through to recognizing a less robust disease package vs. HRS, CPS is just managed differently.


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