It’s not yet do or die for the soybean crop, but farmers’ soybean crops that have suffered population die off from crusting, standing water or frost need to make a decision soon about replanting.

In this episode of the Soybean School, Dan Foster, market development agronomist for PRIDE Seeds, explains thresholds for soybean plant populations and offers tips for re-planting into low areas that may have drown out or crusted over. Foster adds that those looking at planting winter wheat on soybean stubble may want to dial back the maturity rating on the variety they re-plant, but if this is not an issue for you, there’s still enough time to run with a longer-season variety.

Also in this video, Foster offers tips on determining yield potential from frost-damage plants and how to make a re-plant decision on affected fields as well. The tricky part, he says, is determining how damaged the growing point is, and on how many plants. New buds can compensate but re-planting may still be necessary to keep plant counts high enough.


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