The Giant SprayFlex Delivers Serious Spraying Capacity & Quick Travel Time

To say that big machinery gets noticed at a farm show is understating that fact just a little. It seems each company is trying to out-do each other every year.

While it may not have been their intention, the SprayFlex sprayer dwarfed just about every other piece of equipment at Canada’s Farm Progress Show. With booms of up to 165 feet and a tank that tops the 3,000 gallon mark, the Spray Flex is nothing short of gigantic.

Tiny Debra Murphy spoke with Jay Mercil of SprayFlex at the show to talk about the features of this big machine. Mercil says the unit adds speed to the spraying jobs to be done, not by going faster in the field necessarily but by moving between fields quickly (even while fully loaded), minimizing fill times due to the giant tank and because of the wing span on this bad boy. Yes, the Spray Flex could finish off a quarter section in just 16 passes, if the field were nice and square. That’s some quick work.

Available in four tank sizes from 1,250 to 3,150 gallons and in boom widths from 90 feet to 165 feet, the Spray Flex can cover some serious ground.

Coverage of Canada’s Farm Progress Show is brought to you by Syngenta Canada. Click here for more of the latest equipment roll outs plus highlights from the show.

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