In this episode of Thumbs up, Thumbs down,’s fearless leaders Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith talk government retaliation measures, or rather the lack thereof, in the COOL fiasco, Lyndsey suggests a statute of limitations on blaming previous governments for today’s problems and Shaun professes his love of wrestling.

Also in this audio-only version of Thumbs up, Thumbs down (sorry, Shaun’s makeup was a mess and we simply couldn’t post it), Lyndsey wonders if people are braver online, given the lack luster turn out for the March against Monsanto, and Shaun asks about the discovery of GM wheat in an Oregon field. All that and more in the Soundcloud interview below.


7 thoughts on “Thumbs Up,Thumbs Down: Government Blame & Backing Down, Plus Monsanto’s Rough Week

  1. I like the format of the discussion and the frank discussion of the small size of the rallies and the trolls who sit at home and just forward mis-information on the net !

    1. Do you prefer the audio vs video format? I worry that without seeing our faces, our intent or joking around may be misinterpreted. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Actually I liked the audio format, becasue it allowed me to listen while scrolling through emails. If it is video, then I would either have to stop doing anything else to focus solely on it, or I would more likely minimize the screen and do some other things. 5 minute blocks of time for 100% concentration are hard to find in my life !

  2. What don’t you think we don’t know about Monsanto? Don’t kid yourself!
    We marched in Edmonton, and there were about 700 of us!, WE KNOW!!
    HOW dare you laugh and think this is funny and their poison is not killing us, our bees, and US Canadians do NOT want Monsanto, It’s affiliates, Roundup~ ANYMORE- or anything else that is not natural and healthy for us!
    OUR Farmers should be protecting their consumers.
    What’s in our Wheat here?

  3. roundup despite its imperfections is still an heath improvement in comparison to the previous herbicides.

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