Haukaas Bale Wagon & Rotating Bale Grapple Help Make Hay Stacking, Bale Grazing Easy

Canada’s Farm Progress Show is a great event to take in if you’re looking for neat new pieces of equipment to make life on the farm easier and more productive. The show even hands out awards to those inventions that offer a new way to tackle an old job. Haukaas Manufacturing, based at Mortlach, Sask., was the recipient of two such innovation awards at Canada’s Farm Progress Show  — one for the trailer mount conveyor (seen in this video) and another for its 90-degree rotating bale grapple.

In this video, Beric Haukaas walks us through the features of the bale grapple, what makes it different and why farmers may find it especially useful for quick and efficient mushroom stacking of bales. In addition to the grapple, Haukaas takes us on a tour of the company’s bale wagon, a wagon designed to be gentle on strings and net wrap, thus keeping bales intact, and he explains how some ranchers find the wagon’s design especially useful in bale grazing scenarios.

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