Hodgson: 2% Growth, International Cattle Markets & the U.S. Private Sector Recovery

It’s always a treat to find an economist whose insights and discussions don’t bore you to tears or leave you feeling a wee bit deflated (sorry, economists!). That’s why RealAgriculture.com is always glad to cross paths with Glen Hodgson, senior vice president & chief economist with the Conference Board of Canada, as he’s not just an insightful economist, he’s also a dynamic speaker.

In this video, Hodgson and Shaun Haney talk about some good news regarding the economy, how large economies are adjusting to smaller growth as the new normal and how ranchers are wise to be looking beyond the U.S. to carve out more market share in the beef industry. This was filmed at the International Livestock Congress a few weeks ago, and is an interesting pre-amble to yesterday’s announcement of a coming imported beef levy, where the money raised will go to not just research, but a significant portion will also go to promoting Canadian beef in other markets.

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


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