Monosem’s Twin Row Planter Narrows Corn Rows, Keeps 30″ Centre

While there is increased interest in narrow row corn both north and south of the Canadian border, the harvest equipment required for 15″ row corn isn’t exactly the norm. Sure, the Geringhoff header may one day mean row width doesn’t matter, but in the interim, 30″ centres are the norm.

In response to the interest in narrower row, Monosem has been testing out a 30″-paired row unit, where seed is dropped 4″ on either side of centre line, meaning that you can still use standard corn header. What’s more, the way the seed rows drop increases seed bed utilization to that of 15″ rows.

Todd Botterill, of Botterill Sales in Newton, Man., explained the ins and outs of the Twin Row planter at Canada’s Farm Progress Show back in June. In the video, below he explains how the planter’s rows work in teams of two, maintaining precise placement of corn plants by staggering seeds. The benefits of this, he says, are better seed bed use, an easier set up for side-banding if that’s your thing and can improve air flow through the crop canopy, decreasing disease pressure. Still being evaluated, the Twin Row unit should prove beneficial over 30″ row spacing for soybean and canola planting, as well.

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Dave DeJong

You have got to be kidding me, Monosem has been selling twin-row planters for over 10 years, this is nothing new. There sync-row spacing system is the best. Can’t believe you guy,s in Canada think this is new stuff!!!!!


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