Pulse School: Which Input is the Most Important for Max Pea Yields?

Which input do you think is the most critical to a pea crop’s success — starter N, inoculant type, fungicide seed treatment or seeding rate?  If you guessed seeding rate, you get a gold star, but by how much and what impact, if any, do these other inputs have on maximizing pea yields?

Those answers are exactly the kinds that a four-year study in western Canada is looking at. The study, according to Chris Holzapfel, research manager at Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation is a “multi-year, multi-location study,” with trials in four communities in Saskatchewan, including: Melfort, Scott, Swift Current and Indian Head.

In this episode of Pulse School, Holzapfel walks us through the study, describing observations and findings on the inputs above and explaining their plans for the next couple of years.

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


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