Status Quo for Agriculture in Federal Government Cabinet Shuffle

Prime Minister Stephen Harper shuffled his Conservative government’s cabinet yesterday and, drum roll please…not much, if anything, will change for the agriculture industry. Gerry Ritz remains as Agriculture Minister and Ed Fast stays on as Minister of Trade.

There are a few new names in the agriculture fold, as Maxime Bernier takes on the role of minister of state for agriculture, but the portfolio essentially remains the same. Industry groups, including the Canola Council of Canada, were quick to virtually high-five the announcement, stating the current commitment to trade and logistics is one the group is happy to see continue.

In true fashion, we took to Twitter to get Gerry Ritz re-appointment reaction from the farmer populous of both Western and Eastern Canada. The reviews were mixed — some farmers are steamed over the gutting of the PFRA pasture program. Others are pleased with the end of the CWB monopoly that he pushed through. Below is some of the reaction to the news. Have your say in the comment section at that bottom of this page!  Follow on Twitter here.






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