The Tempo Planter Steps up Planting Speed with Precision

Bigger or faster? It’s a question that pops up from time to time when it comes to farm equipment (like, always). Our recent discussion with Dr. Tom Wolf brought up the issue with regard to spraying, but what about planting? Not everyone has a piece of land that an ultra-wide seeder or planter will work on, but everyone needs to get their seed into the ground ASAP when the time is right. If you’re aiming for the precision of a planter and you need to pick up the pace, your options are limited … or were limited. Recent advancements have been able to marry speed and precision like never before.

Catch More Coverage of Farm Progress 2013, brought to you by Syngenta Canada.

We got to see a first-hand example of this at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina when we looked at the new and aptly named Tempo planter. The planter is the result of a joint venture between Seed Hawk and Vaderstad and aims to bring a new level of speed and precision to the planter market. Seed Hawk President Pat Beaujot and Clas Asknert of Vaderstad showed off their planter to Shaun Haney at Farm Progress 2013.

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