Addressing the Challenges Behind Beef Production for Segmented Markets – Dr. Lowell Catlett

Beef producers in North America, like everyone else in this day and age, have to deal with a lot of issues. Some of those are ground level and some of those are big picture, thirty-thousand foot level issues. As the world gets both bigger in population and smaller (more globally interconnected through advances in technology that make physical accessibility and communication easier), the intersection where those issues meet gets busier and busier. Demand from developing markets across the globe continues to increase and so does our access to those markets, but do we have a product they want? If we do, can we logistically meet that demand?

What about here at home? Producers have to balance consumer demand for things like sustainability, animal welfare and industry transparency with meeting a demand for a greater volume of high quality premium beef. In the meantime, the demographic that’s making those demands is changing through both age and immigration.

Sounds like a hard day at the office, but in reality, it’s what we’ve been doing for a long time just with the scale and the scope expanded.

Dr. Lowell Catlett, of New Mexico State University, spoke about some of the changes and challenges affecting the North American beef industry as it meets the demands of segmented markets at this years International Livestock Congress in Calgary, Alberta. Shaun Haney spoke to him there.

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