Nick Offerman Chews a Mouth Full Of Raw Meat

In a recent post on the Fast Company website, Comedian Nick Offerman was photographed chewing on a piece of raw meat.  I like rare steak but I am not sure I would like this meal.  I think the good thing is that even though it is meant to be funny in a series of strange photos of famous comedians, this is a great subliminal product placement for the beef industry in a time when people are more inclined to be negative towards it.  It is great to see celebrities sometimes not taking the negative side to the red meat industry.  As the Fast Company story reads, that is actually a real piece of meat that he has in his mouth.  Fire up the BBQ!!!!

To me this picture accomplishes the same kind of  benefit as the Get Milk ads that you commonly see.  Too bad Nick Offerman is not a bigger celebrity.  

What are you thoughts.  Is this type of a photo good, bad or doesn’t matter for the meat industry?




Shaun Haney

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