Nozzles, Trucks, Bale Wrapping, Biomass Demos & More at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

For those who learn best by seeing rather than hearing about, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is a must-attend. Each year the show not only highlights new corn, soy, wheat and forage genetics and demos cover crop mixes, but it also rolls out the big equipment and, unlike many other farm shows, actually puts it to work.

This year, farmers can expect to see a hearty list of in-field demos. As Stefanie Nagelschmitz, with Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, explains in this video, farmers should plan their day around a sprayer demo looking at nozzle selection, bale wrapping how-to’s and a pick up truck test drive brought to you by Dodge Trucks. Speaking of fuel, for those interested in the biomass generation business won’t want to miss the mescanthus demo and harvest demo plots. These plants are huge…growing the crop is just half the battle, as you’ll see.

Watch the video below to hear about what demos you’ll see, plus where to find these hands-on exhibits on the show grounds. For more on the history of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, click here, and to see a video highlighting what new exhibits you can expect to see when you visit, click here.

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