Pulse School: Nodulation Assessment & Rescue N Applications

A visual assessment of pulse crops isn’t enough to know how well or poorly your inoculation program worked this year. What’s more, it’s important to track nodulation to ensure enough time to go in with a rescue nitrogen application, if warranted. So how do you know if your pulse crop is fixing enough N? Time to dig up some plants!

In this Pulse School episode, Rory Cranston, regional crop specialist with Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, talks about when nodulation first begins, how to dig up plants carefully enough to preserve the nodules and then how to do an assessment on where these nodules are and what that might tell you about how the crop was inoculated. Cranston also offers some tips on using more than one type of inoculant and how to avoid early die-off of the bacteria. (Special bonus in this video: the miracle of TV!)


If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


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