AGCO FUSE Technology Works to Connect Equipment, Data, Support & Service

As equipment becomes more sophisticated and tech-reliant, farming has become an increasingly precise and data-driven business. It’s rare though that each tractor or piece of equipment and implement is purchased at the exact same time, complete with software interface, all from the same brand. And, even if they did, no brand of equipment has a purely proprietary software system. It means that, each year, many a frustrated curse word escapes farmers’ lips as they try and get everything to talk to each other, work well, reap data and then spit that data back out in a useable form.

It’s trials like these that AGCO has been working on behind the scenes for quite some time. The company, which includes the Massey Fergusen, Challenger and Fendt brands among others, has launched Fuse Technologies as a means connecting farmers, dealers, equipment, implements and data seamlessly.

Fuse Technologies is more a strategy than a product, says  Jason O’Flanagan, of AGCO, who spoke with’s Bernard Tobin at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The five-pillar strategy aims to make connecting all the bells and whistles intuitive and straightforward, saving time and frustration. Watch the video below to see what this strategy means and when you may see more of its application in AGCO products.

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