Fight Fusarium from all Angles: Phil Needham’s Tips

There’s no one fusarium management tool that will effectively do the job. The best control possible on the wheat crop is going to happen through layering of several management practices together. But which ones have the greatest impact? Phil Needham, of of Needham Ag Technologies, says there are a few “musts” in every fusarium management plan.

A recent drill set up field day hosted by C&M Seeds and Wellington County SCIA featured Needham’s no-nonsense approach to maximizing wheat yields. This first of several interviews captured from that field day highlights how farmers need to be thinking about fusarium even before planting, through variety selection and precision planting practices. He also covers fungicide coverage and timing and why a fungicide application is a must and not something to be skimped on. All that and more in the video below.


If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.



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